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Our Hours

11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. daily, Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ll us at 250-498-4867.

Proudly using only Certified Angus Beef

A black decoration


In order to prevent any transmission of Covid 19 all guests must adhere to the posted protocols we have in place for your safety as well as ours

  • Sanitization stations are throughout the restaurant and all guest are required to use them before entering our establishment
  • If you feel sick or symptomatic please stay home
  • Please enter through main door and exit through our Patio follow the lines
  • Do not move tables we have them set for social distancing
  • Please be patient we are learning these new procedures and protocols
  • Sanitizers are on patio tables for your use please don’t take them
  • Before your seated we will ensure seats and tables are sanitized after each use
  • Downstairs bathrooms are closed for now please use upstairs bathroom

Warm, Friendly Atmosphere

Our bistro?is perfect for a group get-together or a romantic evening. Low lights and lingering looks, or another round for the table – we n accommodate. ?Want to reserve your favourite table? Give us a ll or drop us a note by email. Come?see us on Facebook and Twitter!

More?About Us

A Menu of Favourites

Our master chefs specialize in Mediterranean fire-grilled chicken and ribs. But it doesn’t stop there. Steak and shrimp, lemon-roasted potatoes, lamari or falafel salad – there is a little something in our restaurant for everyone. You peek at our menu at?the link below.

Food Menu

Cocktails, Beer & Wine

Are you in the mood for a cocktail? We offer the Firehall Smoked Stout esar, the Firehall Signature Sour, the Firehall Vintage Sangria, and more. You will also find draught beer (made in the brewery, downstairs) and lol estate wines. Want to know more?

Drink Menu
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